James Vegter


Hi there, I’m James Vegter. I’m an actor - writer -filmmaker - artist -XMP Founder and Rabbit Out Of Hat owner.


I've had the great honour and experience of collaborating in film with artists, teachers and business minded people in Australian, American, Chinese, Japanese, European, Indian and South American shores. I have a genuine passion for storytelling, in particular areas of psychology, history, mythology, culture, art, music, philanthropy, innovation, technology and philosophy.  Filmmaking enables me to explore these aspirations further via acting, writing, producing and directing. In my spare time, I paint, build, play music and surf.  If I can help someone through my projects, I'm a happy man.  



I feel very deeply about history, the power of moments and our future in this world. We have one life, we might as well enjoy it.

James Vegter


Rebranded from Rising Swell Productions, Rabbit Out Of Hat was formed in 2016 to produce and develop inspirational stories with social, moral and ethical merit.


XMP is a worldwide filmmaking currency that integrates smart contracts, accounting, communications and investment administration with blockchain transactions. Whether producing a digital video, feature film, documentary, music film clip, web series, television show or short film, the XMP ecosystem will streamline film operations and save costs and time globally. 

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A turning point in my life was Playing Mark Antony, Julius Caesar at 16th Street Actors Studio with teacher, Ms Kerry Armstrong.  Exploration of this character gave me a deeper understanding of acting and storytelling. 

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I fractured my back in a car accident in 2008. During this time, I started to write screenplays and study movies as the injury led me to be bed bound for many months. This hard time in life was a great learning curve for me. I now constantly write in the morning to exercise my stream of consciousness and continue to write screenplays, poetry and songs.


I began painting while playing the character Ken in screenplay 'Red,' written by John Logan at 16th Street actors studio. It's now an experience I constantly learn from.